In November of 2013, I was offered an MPOD screening at my biannual eye exam appointment. I had never heard of this test but was given a full explanation and reasoning for the test. When I learned that it measured macular pigment levels, important to protect against macular degeneration, I readily agreed to the screening. My mother has macular degeneration which wasn’t caught until it was too late. I was quite taken aback when I learned that my test results were .14. An ugly number in the MPOD world. As a nurse I was very concerned. Dr. Ellison explained that I could improve the macular pigment levels with a vitamin called Eye Promise Restore. I was very relieved to know that there was an available agent to improve my eye health. After 8 months on Eye Promise Restore, my screening improved to .34. At my last visit in Feb of 2015, my MPOD results were again further elevated to a healthy range of .58. I would not have been aware that I had any issues with the macular pigment in my eyes. There were no symptoms. I am very grateful to have the care of Dr. Ellison and his staff who continue to stay abreast of current recommendations and have always given me sound and truthful advice for my eye health. If your MPOD screening is less than optimal, I urge you to take a reasonable trial of this supplement to improve the health risks you have control of now. As Dr. Ellison always says, “We only get 2 eyes”.



It was quick, easy, and very convenient.

Thomas K

East Alton

I always love going to Bethalto Family Vision Care! Dr. Ellison is by far the best doctor (of anything) that I have seen!


Truly outstanding and caring. Dr. Ellison went above and beyond to take care of my wife with an emergency. I was very happy with his recommendations for vision on the trails and swimming.

James D.

Wonderful as usual. Thank you. Dr. Ellison must never leave.



The service here was impeccable! The staff members are all friendly and helpful. Thank you for making my visit that much better!


My son Nicholas looks so forward to seeing Dr.Ellison every year! He loves talking to him and listening to his stories. He is a great caring doctor. I recommend him to everyone. The staff is really nice and caring too. Thanks

Nicholas B.

The Dr. and Staff were great…

Deniss L.

As always, super friendly staff, great to explain new tests available and they always take time to show you results of the tests and answer any and all questions. Dr. Ellison is personable, informative, and very easy to understand in his explanations of diseases, illness, or injury and treatment of the eyes.

Charla W.

Explained everything, got done what needed to be done and weren’t pushy about buying products from them.



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