Eye Exams & Your Kids

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The school season is quickly approaching and so should your child’s eye exam! If you have not yet made an appointment for your kids for their back to school, annual eye exam please call 618-377-5221 or visit our online scheduling system.

It is very important that your children have their eyes examined every year before school starts so that they are equipped with the best vision necessary for learning. At Bethalto Vision Care, our early eye exams help detect:

  • Near Vision
  • Distant Vision
  • Eye Movement Skills
  • Peripheral Skills & Awareness
  • Lazy Eye
  • Hand-eye Coordination – which will come in handy for note taking, and athletics!

Please be sure to tell Dr. Ellison and his staff if you have noticed your child:

  1. Rubbing his or her eyes excessively
  2. Blinking rapidly
  3. Is unable to maintain eye contact
  4. Often has red eyes
  5. Or if you have any other concerns

You will feel comfortable in the care of Dr. Ellison, as he has been taking care of patients since before 1980. He uses state-of-the-art equipment & has been one of the optometrists for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club. Stop and see what everyone else is saying about the doctor!